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“Do not treat others in a way that you wouldn’t wish to be treated yourself”

Tenet 1 THE NON-AGGRESSION PRINCIPLE – The Expression of the Sacred Feminine that occurs everywhere in Nature.

Tenet 2 THE SELF-DEFENCE PRINCIPLE – The Expression of the Sacred Masculine that occurs everywhere in Nature.

Our behaviour and our thoughts which we choose ourselves to take through the Free Will Consciousness with which we have been gifted have a direct impact on our experience in this realm of existence.

This happens on an individual (Micro-Cosmic) basis and on a collective (Macro-Cosmic) basis.

It is a code of morality set into place by the creative force behind the creation of the universe. It doesn’t matter if anybody believes it or not, or anybody likes it or not. Natural Law doesn’t care.

It goes on governing our lives regardless and we reap the consequences of choosing to follow it or not. with our Free Will Consciousness

We have, uniquely, the ability to make free will choices for ourselves rather than responding to instinctive animalistic behaviours.

We have the capacity to make moral choices.

The choices that we make play out in the type of reality that we experience.